Astor is a powerful sorcerer and follower of Ganon who serves as his prophet in the days leading up to the Great Calamity. Astor serves as one of the main antagonists of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity alongside Ganon himself.


The Great Calamity is averted


Very little is known about Astor's past. All we know is that he is from an unspecified village in Hyrule. At some point he became obsessed with Calamity Ganon. Astor seems to be quite knowledgable in the past of the calamity and wears some clothes that marks his connection to Ganon. His cloak bears the Gerudo symbol as a reference to Ganondorf's origin. He also wears a jewel on his forhead that is made to resemble eyes of Malice. It is unknown if some of Astor's powers as a sorcerer were his own or if he obtained them after becoming Ganon's prophet as he is capable of doing feats that are normaly only available to Ganon like manipulating Malice.

Becoming Ganon's prophet

When Terrako came back in time from the Timeline where Ganon wins and created this alternate timeline, he was followed by Malice through the portal. This Malice attached itself to the Terrako from this timeline and corupted it into a vessel for the consciousness of the future Ganon. This created the Harbinger Ganon. The Harbinger escaped from the storage he was put in in Hyrule Castle and eventually found Astor. This is after realizing that Astor was one of his followers that Ganon decided to make him his prophet. Astor would then use the Harbinger to access visions of the Great Calamity and work to guarantee that it occurs. The two then went to the Yiga Clan where they were hailed as their rightful masters by Master Kohga and Sooga.

Working to prevent Ganon's defeat

He first appears after the Yiga Clan fails to assassinate Princess Zelda in Gerudo Town. There he is seen being disapointed in their incompetence and uses his power to get a glimpse into the future using the Harbinger. Astor is then seen comanding the Yiga and the monsters to block access to the Lost Woods and prevent the heroes from reaching the Master Sword. When Revali clears the path to the woods using Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Astor uses his power to fill the inside of the woods with Malice that is protected by Malice replica of the Champions. After defeating them, clearing the Malice, and reaching the Master Sword, Link and Zelda were stopped by Astor who stood in front of the sword and send his four Hollows after them. The four champions overwhelm Link and as they are about to kill Zelda, Link pulls out the Master Sword to everyone's surprise. The Master Sword's aura immediatly attacks the Hollows. After destroying them for the first time, Astor himself tries to kill them but fails and is forced to flee.

After Purah reactivates the Sheikah Towers, Astor sends the Yiga clan to prevent that as it would reveal their location on a map. He then tells them that the Harbinger is Calamity Ganon himself possessing Terrako. The Yiga Clan fails once again and Urbosa is able to raid and take control of the Yiga Clan Hideout with Vah Naboris. An enraged Sooga hold Astor responsible for that and holds him by the neck. Astor reminds him that he is Ganon's prophet and that hurting him would mean that the Yiga oppose Ganon and would not be spared when the calamity comes.

The Calamity appears soon after from bellow Hyrule Castle. Thanks to the help of Terrako who pulled Makeela Riju, Prince Sidon, Yunobo, and Teba from the future, the Champions are able to survive the blights. Soon after, Astor uses the souls of members of the Yiga Clan to revive them. He tells a horrified Master Kohga that this is their only use after they have failed Ganon so many times. He then sends a Hollow Link after him and Sooga to kill thgem. Master Kohga manages to escape. Astor appears one more time during the battle of Fort Hateno where he uses his four blights to try to finally take out Link. Link is unable to defeat all of them at the same time and is about to die but Zelda finally unlocks her powers. Zelda takes out the blights and Astor is once again forced to retreat. After the battle, the heroes are joined by Kohga and what remains of the Yiga Clan who have decided to turn on Ganon after they were betrayed.

The Calamity's last Stand

After both Link and Zelda have unlocked their powers, Astor knows that the Hyruleans will try to attack Hyrule Castle to defeat the calamity so him and the Harbinger heads there to make their final stand. After the Hyrulean army manages to break through the citadel, they confront Astor one last time. Both him and the Harbinger are unable to defeat them. Astor tries to command the Harbinger, but he turns on him and absorb his body to turn into a fully realized Calamity Ganon.