Astolfo​ is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. He is a spy working for Ostia.


Astolfo met Hector for the first time when Astolfo tried to loot Castle Ostia. Astolfo was in the middle of stealing loot when Hector found him. Impressed by his skill, Hector hired him as a spy. He hastens back to the city upon news of Hector's death but is too late to stop a rebellion.

Some time before the events of the game, back when he was known as Gorlois, Astolfo was the husband of Igrene and had lived happily with her in Arcadia. However, his risky occupation as a spy forced him to abandon her years ago while repelling a bandit raid, as he did not wish to see her put through any danger on his account, thus "killing" the Gorlois identity. They also had a daughter; however, it can be assumed that Astolfo left before he could be made aware that Igrene was pregnant, as the child is never mentioned in any support conversations. In those, he is portrayed as an indirect war victim, having to abandon his wife to conceal her from the danger that comes from his work as a spy. Their daughter died early in her life.

After the war, he disappeared without a trace.

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