Asphalt: Urban GT is a racing video game for the Nintendo DS. The video game was released on launch day (in the U.S.), which was on November 21, 2004. It features wireless multiplayer support for up to four players. A sequel to the game, Asphalt Urban GT 2, was also released on the Nintendo DS a year later.


  • Arcade Mode: A quick race against computer players. In this mode you'll be able to choose "Instant Play" (car, race track, and mode will be chosen at random), "Road Challenge" (compete in five races, and if you're able to finish in first in at least three of the races, you'll win), "Free Race" (just race to the finish), "Time Attack" (race to get the fastest time), and "Cop Chase" (you'll be the cop in this sub-mode, where you are able to chase down speeding cars).
  • Evolution: The career mode of the game. In this mode you are able to obtain new cars and tracks, customize your ride, and compete in challenging races.
  • Multi-Card Play: Play with more than one person. Note that you have to have more than one game card and Nintendo DS to play in this mode.


In all, there are nine different categories that the thirty two cars go into. Those nine different categories include 4X4 SUV's, Classic's, Compact Cars, Urban Racers, Sport Coupe's, Sport Racing Cars, Ultimate Dream Cars, Track Cars, and Bonus Cars.


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