Ashley is a mode in Game & Wario. It is hosted by Ashley who is escaping a dessert world.



The main goal of this mode is to help Ashley gather spell power from the beings of this world to escape. She obtains it from chunks of spell power in trails and from defeated enemies she automatically fires at. Collecting all the spell power without letting a piece fall off screen will increase the points multiplier with every 100, up to a maximum of 6x. Each stage has a best friend status that requires a certain score which are achievable by having combos.

The player controls Ashley on her broom by tilting the gamepad in the desired direction. She is constantly moving forward, but the player can turn her up and down. The player can also press the ZL or ZR buttons to have Ashley do a loop counterclockwise and clockwise respectively. These loops also stall Ashley's forward movement so the player collect all the spell power.

On the touchscreen is a zoomed in view of Ashley of which the player is able to touch her. If the player hits into too many objects, she will get angry to which the only way to calm her down is by rubbing her head. The player can also collect special tokens that when tapped on the touchscreen, activate a screen clearing attack that collects all the nearby spell power.


  • Book of Lollipops - Best Buddy:1000
  • Book of Chocolate - Best Buddy: 2500
  • Book of Ice Cream - Best Buddy: 4000
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