Ashe is one of the two main protagonists of Mega Man ZX Advent for the Nintendo DS. Unlike the other main character Grey, she is a human. She is 15 years old. She works as a Ruin Hunter for Legion, the current world government in the game. While Grey's story is linked to Pandora, Ashe's is linked to Prometheus.


Ashe is a stark contrast from Grey in attitude. She is a very feisty and tomboyish girl, even talking back to the Sage Trinity at least once. She is also quite ambitious, as evidenced by her desire to leave her mark in history. Her persistence matches her ambition, as she is constantly seeking her next "booty" and will stop at nothing short of death to get it; she will never allow anyone else to take credit for her work, which is the reason she boards the train transporting Model A to Legion. However, Ashe is also plagued by the mystery of her unknown origins and the lack of information in Legion's database is quite a blow to her. The lack of a real identity leaves a void in Ashe, and her quest to become someone known could be her idea of finding a meaning to her own life, and this is also the root of her strong personality. She also has a unique perspective of her life; since she wishes to go down in the history books, she speaks of her own life as a story being written.

Although Ashe rarely demonstrates it, she is also very compassionate and will do everything she can to help those in need, even if they are enemies. She not only saved Raiders from an attack by Atlas, but she also spared Atlas' life and later expressed a desire to save Prometheus and Pandora after learning about their horrible past. Even the discovery of her family ties with Albert doesn't cause Ashe to hesitate, and she rejects her own heritage in the name of the greater good.

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