Artoon is a video game developer founded in 1999. Their first video game on a Nintendo system was Pinobee: Wings of Adventure for the Game Boy Advance. After a few titles they partnered with Nintendo and released Yoshi Topsy Turvy on the Game Boy Advance which used the same gyro technology that was integrated in WarioWare: Twisted!, though fared much worse. They eventually made a multi million dollar success that was favorable with critics as well with the Nintendo DS release Yoshi's Island DS. They partnered with Mistwalker to release the Nintendo DS video game Away: Shuffle Dungeon, and in 2009 again collaborated with Nintendo to develop FlingSmash on the Wii. Many of the staff reformed as Arzest after their closing

Games released by Artoon

Titles Formats Release Date(s)
Away: Shuffle DungeonDS2008-10October 2008
Club Penguin Game Day!Wii2010-09September 2010
FlingSmashWii2010-11November 2010
Ghost TrapGBA2002-07July 2002
Pinobee: Wings of AdventureGBA2001-03March 2001
Pinobee & PhoebeeGBA2002-07July 2002
Yoshi's Island DSDS2006-11November 2006
Yoshi Topsy-TurvyGBA2005-06June 2005
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