Artifice Aion is the strongest of all the Artifices created by humanity and serves as the final boss of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is piloted by Malos and fought at level 70 in the Aion Hangar in the First Low Orbit Station.


Aion was created to be a last resort in the war against the Saviorites, it was supposed to be directly powered by The Conduit and have the power to ravage the entire world. When the director of the First Low Orbit Station realised that they were loosing the war against the Saviorites, he gave the order to activate the Artifice only to be blocked by Professor Klaus who take advantage of the confusion to use The Conduit to create his own universe.

When Malos reached the hangar, he reactivated most of the Artifices inside it and used them to lay waste to Alrest. He then waited for the party inside Aion's hangar and challenged them with Aion in one last battle to determine if the world would be destroyed one more time. The party defeated him and after Malos' death and Aion's defeat, the World Tree started to collapse due to The Conduit leaving this universe. Pneuma then used Aion to destroy the debris of the First Low Orbit Station falling into the atmosphere. This destroy Aion and Pneuma's physical form.


  • Blizzard: An ice-type art that nullifies healing
  • X-Star: A barrage of light bullets that is launched from a far distance
  • War of Servants: Calls forth two Artifice Colossus
  • Siren Buster: A laser beam that does massive damage
  • Anthropos: Shackles Blades and lowers their affinity
  • Prometheus: A gigantic fireball that is guaranteed to cause instant death


  • Aiôn is one of the three principal concept of time in greek philosophy
  • Siren Buster is named after Artifice Siren
  • Prometheus is a Titan in Greek mythology who gave the primordial fire to humanity and is also the one who caused their mortal condition.
  • Anthropos is the greek word for humanity.
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