Art of Fighting was a fighting game developed by SNK released for the Neo-Geo and ported to various other consoles.



The assignment for the four buttons are weak punch (A), weak kick (B), strong punch or kick (C), and taunt (D). The A or B button must be tapped first before the button C can be used to perform the stronger attacks. Pressing A and C together will perform a hook punch and holding B and C will allow players to execute a shin kick. Throws are performed by holding down the C button and left or right with the joystick. The game also allowed select characters to launch attacks from the "wall" or side of the screen by pressing C and perform a kick.

The game introduced the concept of the spirit gauge, a special bar underneath the heath bar that indicated how often a character could perform a special move and its effectiveness. Every time a character is taunted by their opponent or uses a special move, this bar decreases with special attacks becoming weaker as it turns red. When it is depleted, the character must recharge this bar by holding down the A or B button.




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