Art Style: Rotozoa is a game in the Art Style series, puzzle games released for the Wii Shop Channel and DSiWare. Rotozoa was released on the Wii in 2010 and was the last one released.


In this entry, you play as a creature called a Rotozoan and match up colored tentacles to creatures called Goobugs of the same color. Matching a tentacle to a Goobug of the same color will extend the tentacle's length by 1. You start each level with the tentacles at a length of 5 and have to get them to a length of 15 with a few exceptions. Hitting a Goobug with a tentacle of a different color however will cut the tentacle off at the point of colision. This will also take away one health of which you have 10.


There are a total of 6 modes: 2 tentacle, 3 tentacle, 4 tentacle, 5 tentacle, endless, and snake. The first 4 simply change the number of tentacles you will have to grow to a length of 15 to beat a total of 7 preset levels. Endless lets you choose between tentacle lengths again and will send randomly generated waves of Goobugs at you. This mode has many types of unique Goobug varieties in it, some possibly yet to be discovered. Snake is simply Endless, but you have one tentacle and another side that kills Goobugs.


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