Art Style: CUBELLO is the second addition to the Art Style video game series. It was first released in North America on October 13, 2008, in the PAL regions on November 21, 2008 and in Japan on May 12, 2009. Unlike its predecessor, Art Style: ORBIENT, CUBELLO is an entirely unique title.


In this game, a 3D object made up of blocks of different colors, called the Cubello, will constantly be circling on the screen, in order to reveal the entire thing to you. Cubes of varying colors jut out of it. You have a magazine that can contain up to 10 cubes, that also have varying colors. The goal is to shoot these cubes at the ones placed on the Cubello. If you shoot a cube of a similar color to a group of three on the Cubello, then the three and your own cube will be completely removed. Three more cubes will also be added to your magazine. The goal of each stage is to remove all cubes, leaving the one in the middle left.


  • The voice for the game is computer generated, and sounds similar to something like Microsoft Sam or MacInTalk.


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