Art Style: DECODE (known as Art Style: BASE 10 in America and Art Style: CODE in PAL regions) is a DSiWare video game made exclusively for the Nintendo DSi. The game is downloaded through the DSi's Shop for 500 Nintendo Points. The game is a part of the Art Style series and, along with Art Style: AQUARIO, is the first to be released on a handheld (the others being released for WiiWare). The game has the player lining up numbers so that they equal 10, which will thus eliminate all numbers with the line the player created.


The game is played with the Nintendo DSi held sideways (such as in Brain Age, Hotel Dusk, and portions of Mario & Luigi 3). The game is played entirely with the system's stylus, which is used to match up numbers. LCD-style numbers will fall to the right screen (numbers fall from the top in VS. MODE). Once the player finds numbers connected to each other that equal 10, he or she can create a line with the stylus highlighting the numbers. If the sum is correct, the numbers will disappear from the board. If a combination can't be found, numbers can be turned around. This way the numbers 2, 5, 6, or 9 can become another one. Doing this with any other number will not create a new number, and thus cause them to turn grey and unusable. Red numbers can be removed to clear all of that same digit on the field.

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