Arrow (Game & Wario)
Arrow is one of the modes in Game & Wario. It is run by Wario and requires the player to fire arrows from the gamepad held sideways at various robot Warios.



The goal is to protect the strawberries from the onslaught of robots. The main way of defending is firing arrows by aiming with the gamepad's gyroscope and pulling back on the arrow. Hitting certain robots at the right angle causing them to collide with other robots, causing a combo. Tapping the nose of the arrow will supercharge the next shot, with an area of effect. If the robots get too close, the player must tap them off the screen. Remaining strawberries will add to the player's score at the end. If the cannon fires a cannonball, the player must raise the gamepad upright like a shield. At the end of each stage is a MechaWario boss that requires the player to shoot at its weak points to reveal other weak points to destroy the machine.


There are a total of five stages, each of increasing difficulty. Obtaining a high enough score for Master Status will unlock another coin for the Cluck-A-Pluck

  • Spring - Master Status: 2,500
  • Summer - Master Status: 7,000
  • Fall - Master Status: 6,000
  • Winter - Master Status: 9,000
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