Arris Dome is where Crono and his party meet Doan and have their first boss battle in 2300 A.D. in Chrono Trigger.

The Dome is located in the central portion of the Northwestern continent of the World Map. Lab 16 is located to the west, the northern entrance to the Sewer Access is to the east and Lab 32 is located to the northeast.


Beyond the Ruins

After fighting their way through Lab 16, Crono and his party arrive at Arris Dome. They help the people living there by battling the Guardian robot and it's Bits. When they find that the refrigeration unit had failed, they discover a corpse holding a seed. Crono hands the seed over to the people of Arris Dome and the man named Doan agrees to plant it in hopes that it will grow in their devastated world.

While searching the inner-workings of Arris Dome, they discover a large computer in the Info Center. It's within that computer's database that they find out an entity called Lavos destroyed the planet back in 1999 A.D. That's when Crono and his friends decided to go back in time and battle Lavos to save their future.

Using the computer, Lucca ran a search on time warps. The results informed them that there was a Time Gate on the eastern continent in Proto Dome. Doan gives them the Bike Key so they can use the Jet Bike in Lab 32. So Crono and his party leave Arris Dome and venture east.


Location Description
Info Center The Info Center has a computer database that informs Crono and his party of the Day of Lavos. They also use it to find the location of a Time Gate.
Living area The Living area is where Doan and his people live. It also includes an Enertron.
Refrigeration area The Refrigeration area was guarded by the Guardian robot and it's Bits. But when Crono defeated them, he and his party found that the refrigeration units had failed and the food was bad.

People and Enemies

The following is a list of important characters and enemies the player will encounter.

People Enemies

Surviving humans

Proto 2


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