Army is an enemy appearing in the Donkey Kong series of games.

Physical Appearance

Armies appears to be a typical armadillo colored yellow slightly with some tint of brown. They also have their own shells where they may conceal themselves into.

In-game role(s)

Donkey Kong Country

In terms of storyline, Army is of the few non-Kremlings to be a part of the Kremling Krew itself and helps King K. Rool steal the Banana Hoard first locating itself in Ropey Rampage as an obstacle in the level.

In terms of attack, Army attacks its foes (being Donkey and Diddy. At first, Army appears idle and as soon as the two monkeys approach, it curls up into a ball and attempts to attack the two while covered up in its shell rolling forward and backwards. TNT Barrels and other barrels in general can also defeat this foe.

In terms of defeat, Army can be defeated by Donkey jumping onto it simply, much like a Gnawty. When coming to Diddy, he has more specific instructions on how he is needed to defeat Army. While Army is rolling, Diddy cannot defeat it as he is small, only knocking Army out of its shell. Though, he can while Army is not in its shell. Army can also roll off the edge as a little bit of a defeat, but illogically comes back when out of sight on-screen.

Donkey Kong Land

In terms of storyline, Army once again aids the Kremling Krew (King K. Rool in general) to steal the Banana Hoard once more after Cranky makes a bet with King K. Rool to once again steal the hoard.

In terms of attacks and defeat, it remains the same as it did in the semi-sequel.

Other Appearances/Cameos

Donkey Kong 64

Army in general does not reappear in Donkey Kong 64. Though, it has a new notable member named Army Dillo, name parody of the Army species and its real-life counterpart.

Donkey Kong Racing

A couple of Armies make a cameo appearance in the ending scene of the promotional trailer for Donkey Kong Racing. They are located behind and next to Kiddy while he is riding Ellie with Neckies, Zingers and such all following Kiddy too.


Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Land

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