The Armurk is an enemy in the Pikmin series that is a member of the Creep-crab Family. It only appear in Hey! Pikmin where it is the boss of the sector 3: Sparkling Labyrinth. It resembles a horseshoe crab, with a gray striped shell and many green, jellylike feet. It has two weak points, one on its tail, and the other on its underbelly, both of which are pink.


The Armurk attacks by backing Captain Olimar and his Pikmin against a wall, where it will attempt to crush them. However, doing this will exposes its soft belly, allowing it to be attacked by the Pikmin. After taking enough hits on its belly, it will turn around and retreat, allowing Olimar to attack its soft tail. It is also able climb onto the ceiling, where it will drop down while curling into a ball, and bounce around the room.


Hey! Pikmin


Hey! Pikmin log

"Its jelly-like legs let it scale walls and ceiling, letting it attack intruders from any angle. No frontal attack can get past the armor protecting its head. But all is not lost! Notice how its rear and underbelly are pink, raw, and totally uncovered. Even the process of evolution can make mistakes."

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