Armored Mawdad is an enemy appearing in Pikmin 3 shown at Nintendo's E3 2012. The creature is part crayfish and part centipede with mandibles.


Armored Mawdad

The Armored Mawdad will start acting frantic when it starts the battle. When it sees the player, it uses its mandibles to trap his troops and will use its tongue to eat Pikmin. The best way to free them is to throw Rock Pikmin at the crystalline carapace to break it away, freeing Pikmin from its mandibles. Next, the Mawdad will crawl up a wall and come down on the ground. Rock Pikmin must break its armor so others can damage its weak point and then the Mawdad repeats again.


  • The Armored Mawdad was the first Pikmin 3 boss to have its name announced.
  • The Armored Mawdad's name comes from the words "Maw", which is its gaping mouth and "Crawdad", a realword for "Crayfish".
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