Armored ghost

Armored Ghosts are enemies encountered in Find Mii, but one appears as a boss in Find Mii 2, also guarding the prince. They are ghosts inside golden armor and also hold spears. Supposedly, the armor takes 5 more HP of damage and reduces a hero's attack by one. When an Armored Ghost is hit, the sound is a metal clank can be heard. All that can be seen of the ghost within is the eyes. They have 10 HP in Find Mii, but 20 HP in Find Mii 2. Another Armored ghost appears with a Roaming Mummy in Find Mii 2, using magical armour to make it the new target. When they are defeated, they collapse into a pile of armour and turn into purple smoke. They are also the weakest amored enemy in the series.


Find Mii 1

  • Gloomy Grotto West
  • Gloomy Grotto
  • Mirage Tower

Find Mii 2

  • Restless Rise North (guarding the prince)
  • Diabolical Altar East

Secret Quest

  • Restless Rise South
  • Dolorous Deepwood South


Find Mii 1

Health Abilities
Armored ghost 10 Reduces melee damage taken by 1.

Find Mii 2

Health Abilities
Armored ghost 20 Reduces melee damage taken by 1, uses Magical Armour to change targets.


  • Armored Ghosts are one of the very few normal enemies from Find Mii 1 to reappear as a boss (for example: the boss armored ghost guarding the prince)
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