Armored demon
Armored Demon is an enemy from Find Mii. Armored Demon is encountered first in Mirage Tower 1F. He has 25 HP in Find Mii and two are encountered in the second-to-last room (Mirage Tower 3F). That room is dark, so you need a white shirted hero to brighten the room. In Find Mii II he has 40HP. He is encountered in Castle of Darkness-Throne Room in the regular quest with Reaper Captain and in the secret quest with Reaper Commander. If you take the Restless Rise path in the secret quest, you must defeat him to rescue the prince/Princess.


Find Mii

  • Mirage Tower 1F
  • Mirage Tower 2F
  • Mirage Tower 3F (2)

Find Mii 2

  • Forest of Sorrow Entrance
  • Castle of Darkness Throne Room

Secret Quest

  • Restless Rise North
  • Dolorous Deepwood West
  • Forest of Sorrow Exit
  • Castle of Darkness Throne Room


Find Mii 1

Health Abilities
Armored demon 25 Reduces melee damage taken by 1.

Find Mii 2

Health Abilities
Armored demon 40 Reduces melee damage taken by 1.


  • It is possible for an armored demon to be a blue ghost in armor, as it has 25 HP and is colored blue.
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