An Armored Cannon Beetle ('ar-merd 'ka-nen 'be-tel) is a member of the Lithopod family found only in Pikmin. It takes thirty to carry and it produces fifty seeds. In The Distant Spring, it swallowed the Bowspirit, a part for the S. S. Dolphin. Its larvae appear in the later games.


It has only a quartet of legs and has a red abdomen and has a pair of blue eyes. It has the inhaler that  takes in air but can suck up Pikmin. It also has a larger mouth that fires boulders.

Nintendo Player's Guide Description

“Continously fire Pikmin into the armored cannon beetle's upper-snout until it inhales a Pikmin. The Pikmin will plug up the bug and cause it to open its protective shell and reveal its vulnerable body. Circle to the bug's rear end and toss Pikmin onto its exposed red body to inflict damage.”


Reel Notes

"This migrant lithopod has developed a stronger carapace than its relatives."

Guide Book

This is information from the Guide Book:

"This member of the lithopod family migrated to the area during a global climate shift in the atmosphere within the last century. The continental breed of this beast, known as the Greater Lithopod, had the ability to compress inhaled air in a bladder and use the pressure to expel partially digested fragments of stone. This migrant lithopod has developed a stronger carapace then its relatives."

Ship Log

"This creature spits out massive rocks and boasts an impenetrable shell that repels all Pikmin attacks. Just before spitting out a boulder, it sucks in large breaths of air... Perhaps its air hole will provide a clue to it's weakness."


There are a couple strategies to defeating this boss, though all require the player to throw a Pikmin into its upper snout as it sucks for air. After that, the beetle exposes its weak point to prevent overheating. Then, Olimar must throw Pikmin to damage its glowing abdomen. Despite the radiating heat, any Pikmin can harm it, not just Red Pikmin.The most variance in strategy is in the number of Pikmin brought with Olimar. Bringing greater numbers can make it a bit quicker to destroy but it is more likely that some Pikmin will be crushed by the boulder. Bringing smaller number makes the Pikmin more manageable but, a single mistake is more costly. Bringing about 30 Pikmin can defeat it within a couple tries. Around 50 Pikmin should be the maximum brought as after that point, it is unlikely the player can throw the Pikmin fast enough to matter. The player must call his Pikmin back quickly when the beetle closes its abdomen or, they are likely to be crushed by the incoming boulder. The boulder can be destroyed if Olimar punches it. If the Pikmin do not attach to its abdomen when thrown, they will ineffectively hit against its protective black shell repeatedly. When defeated, the body requires 30 Pikmin while the dropped ship part also needs 30. 


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