Armored Armadillo (or Armor Armarge in Japanese) is a Maverick in the first Mega Man X game designed to resemble an armadillo. He was a Maverick Hunter from the Eighth Armored Division under Sigma and a very loyal soldier.


In all the games that he appeared during the beginning of the battle, Armored Armadillo will turn into a ball (unlike armadillos do in real life) to do his Rolling Shield, making the battle difficult to beat. Mega Man X must jump to avoid until he stops. If X didn't receive the Dash upgrade from Dr. Light, the battle will be harder. He'll also fire beams, and X must jump when they are all about to leave the arena. Armadillo will then repeat again. To keep him from shooting the beams, X must shoot him repeatedly by letting him block first.

If Mega Man X uses Electric Spark (Zero in Mega Man Xtreme 2 with Tri-Thunder) on him once, he'll be unarmored, making him vulnerable.

Other media

Armored Armadillo appeared in two mangas, Rockman X and Rockman X Mega Mission 3.


  • When using Electric Spark against him during the battle when he turns into a ball, the parts won't be removed.
  • If Mega Man X has obtained every Subtank, Life Up and Armor part, X will receive the Hadouken from Dr. Light.
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