Antonio Redgrave is a world famous journalist in the Bayonetta series. He is the father of Luka Redgrave and his role model as a journalist. He was often mocked by other journalists for his obsession with the legends surrounding the Umbra Witches, the Lumen Sages, and their hometown of Vigrid. He was ultimately killed by four Affinity sent by Balder when he found and opened Bayonetta's coffin at the bottom of a lake.


Antonio believed in the existence of the Witches and Sages of Vigrid, something that most dismiss as mere European folklore thanks to Balder's influence and propaganda exerted during the 500 years gap between his return from the future and Bayonetta's reawakening. Eventually, Antonio wrote down most of his finding in what would be known as Antonio's Notebook and scattered across Vigrid. He also worked with the Ithavoll Group unaware that its CEO was the last of the Lumen Sages, he started to question Balder's past and integrity so the Sage indirectly gave him the location of his daughter's coffin and used the supernatural awakening of the witch to kill the journalist and put the blame on her. Antonio's death was interpreted as Bayonetta's doing by Antonio's son. 20 years after his death, Luka learn the truth about his father's death from Balder himself which allow him to completly forgive Bayonetta.


  • In game, Antonio is never seen outside of his diving gear and the only images of him we have is from the animated movie, Bloody Fate.
  • Hideki Kamiya, the director of the game, confirmed on his twitter that the narrator of the intro of Bayonetta his Antonio Redgrave.
    • This intro is the only time in the series that Antonio's voice is heard.
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