Anoukis are a species in The Legend of Zelda series who first appeared in the Nintendo DS video game The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. They're a race that appear in the frosty worlds of the Zelda universe, notably on the Isle of Frost. They have a hatred for the Yook, who in turn don't care too much for the Anouki. Nevertheless, they've put their differences aside and have signed an agreement which gives each species a particular side of the island, with the Anouki tribe getting the arguably better half (the western side).

Because of this, one of the Yooks decided to disguise himself as an Anouki and cross the other side. In the game, it was Link's obligation to uncover the foe and send him back to where he came. The Anouki are a tribe that wielded the Azurine, a precious medal that can be used to construct the Phantom Blade, which in turn would be used to destroy Bellum in the end of the game. However, long ago they place the material in the Ice Temple, which featured a multitude of traps and enemies that Link would have to plow through in order to obtain it.

The chief of the Anouki is named Naobode, and in the game he explains the unfortunate event regarding the Yook that crossed over.


The Anouki are an odd looking species with a relative humanoid appearance. They're cloaked in special clothing that will cover them from the immense cold that goes through the Isle of Frost.

The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Anoukis make an appearance once again in their own personal village called Anouki Village in the Snow Realm (North-west sector). When Link first arrives, he finds that the town has been overrun by monsters! The head of this village wants to create a team to scare away the monsters, and you have to figure out which Anoukis are compatible with each other. The six Anoukis in the village tell you their hints on who they dislike and like. For example Honcho (the chief of the village) can pair up with anyone, so you have to figure out which Anouki can go with him, because the other four will be in pairs.

A notable Anouki who is in the north-west corner sells Mega Ice, but he can't because an Ice Chu fell in the pond he uses, making it not the best Ice. You will be able to take him somewhere else so that he can resume selling Mega Ice.

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