The Another Code series so far consists of two games:

Main Characters

  • Ashley Mizuki Robbins - The protagonist, age 14 in the first game, and age 16 in the second game. She is very sensitive and is also an aspiring musician, as she owns a guitar. She thought that her parents had died but she finds out that her father was in fact alive on her 14th birthday. After reuniting, she has been living with her father but has been emotionally distant due to their long-time separation. She later travels to Lake Juliet after being invited bey her father. She has a close relationship with her Aunt, Jessica who has looked after her since she was 3.
  • Jessica Robbins - Richard's younger sister and Ashley's aunt. She is a chemistry teacher in High School and raised Ashley since she was 3 after Richard to Blood Edward Island to continue developing the DAS. She knows Ashley better than anyone else. She also lets Ashley call her by her name instead of "aunt" because of their close relationship.
  • Richard Robbins - Jessica's older brother and Ashley's father. He is a scientist who works for JC Valley. Following the death of his wife Sayoko, he left Ashley with the care of Jessica to stay on Blood Edward Island for eleven years to work on the Dual Another System until he was reunited with his daughter.
  • Sayoko Robbins (née Mizuki) - Ashley's deceased mother, who died when Ashley was only three years old. A strong-willed Japanese scientist who specialized in researching memories, she met her husband Richard when they were both working for MJ Labs.
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