Anode Dweevil is an enemy in Pikmin 2 for the Nintendo GameCube. This monster is one of the many dweevils in Pikmin 2. When attacked this monster shoots out electricity, which is really dangerous. This hazerd kills Pikmin in one hit, (besides yellow.) When Pikmin get hit by other hazerds, Olimar can use his whistle to save them, however electricity is a one hit kill. That said, you should use yellow Pikmin to defeat it, also fist-fighting it is also an option. This monster has a bad habit carrying treasures and dead monsters around the sublevel. However it can walk off the cliff leading it to its doom, the item it has will be somewhere on that sublevel.


Olimar's notes

"Members of the dweevil family are known for carrying objects of astounding size on their backs and mimicking them. The anode dweevil is one species in this family. They seem to have no particular preference for which objects they carry on their backs, as they will carry anything they can lift. They boast an internal organ that generates electrical charges, which the anode dweevil releases when it senses danger."

Louie's notes

"Raw anode dweevil makes for an unforgettable sushi treat, but if it is not prepared by an expert hand with exacting precision, consumption could result in a jolting electrical explosion of apocalyptic proportion."

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