Animal Crossing Clock (Nintendo DSi Tokei: Doubutsu no Mori Type in Japan) is a downloadable DSiWare application released in 2009 by Nintendo. In Japan it was accompanied by the Super Mario Bros. Clock, while in America the Animal Crossing Calculator was released alongside it. This game and the previously mentioned ones all cost 200 Nintendo Points.

Animal Crossing Clock is just what it seems: a clock that is littered with various Animal Crossing themes. The actual clock can be shown as either digital or analog, and also showcased is the day of the week and what day it is of the month. The analog clock looks identical to the one featured in the Wii game Animal Crossing: City Folk.

One of the selling points of the game is that it includes a tune editor that lets you compose your own song that plays at the end of every hour. There is a pre-edited one already made, though you're given the chance to change it whenever you want. The Town Tune editor is the same that was featured in all of the Animal Crossing video games.

Naturally the application also has an alarm that will let you choose from three different sounds. The sounds are all Animal Crossing related, though if you desire you can choose a sound from DSi Sound instead of the ones available. You can choose up to three times of the day that an alarm will sound. The snooze button which you can choose if you desire to wait a little longer will cause the alarm to stop, though it'll come back on after five minutes.

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