The Animal Crossing Calculator is a piece of software that the player can download onto the Nintendo DSi through DSiWare for 200 Nintendo Points. The game is simply a calculator with an Animal Crossing theme to it. It has the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, as well as determine the percentage of something. It basically contains what you'd find in a standard calculator. It also features a unit converter too.

The readout can register 13 digits, and all of the numbers can be input by touching their appropriate button on the DS's touch screen. If desired, the player can see all of the calculations he or she has made since they purchased the title by going to the history section of the game. Once there, the shoulder buttons will be used to navigate.

There are various references to the Animal Crossing series in the game as the name suggests. The top screen is littered with trees and Animal Crossing fonts, while every time the player presses a numbered button an animal in a similar voice to what they sounded like in the series will say that number out loud.

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