Animal Crossing is a DLC course featured in Mario Kart 8s 2nd DLC pack based on the Animal Crossing series. It is the fourth and final track in the Crossing Cup in Mario Kart 8 and the Nintendo Switch port, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The course has four different versions according to the seasons.

Course Features

The course starts in the town next to the Town Tree and the Town Hall. The racers go around the bend to a wide area with trees. Following the trees is glider ramp that goes over the fountain into the other part of town with houses and Re-Tail leading towards the beach. After the turn with the beach, the player passes Nook's Cranny and goes across the bridge. The final set of turns goes by the museum and has Mr. Resetti as a hazard. Villagers and other town residents can be seen on the sidelines.

Seasonal Differences

The course doesn't change all that much between seasons. In the spring, a number of ramps are placed along the track from Mr. Resetti's place to the glider ramp. In the summer, a pair of ramps are placed on the beach. In autumn, the track is set in the evening, and there are leaf piles that release items on the track. In the winter, the track is set at night and the ice and snow on the track reduces the traction of all vehicles. There are also a number of Snowboys placed around the course which act as destructible walls, like the Snowmen on Sherbet Land, and Mr. Resetti is absent. The music also changes, depending on the season. In Time Trials, only the summer version is used.


  • One of the rocks on the final turns can be hit and it will release Bells like in the games.
  • In the Able Sisters' shop, helmets from the amiibo costumes can be seen in the window.
  • The season for the track can be chosen in local play when a shoulder button is held.
  • This is the only race course from the Mario Kart games to have kanji in its Japanese name.
  • In the Able Sister's Shop, helmets from the amiibo costumes can be seen in the window.
  • This is one of the three nitro courses in Mario Kart 8 without any anti-gravity sections, the other two being Excitebike Arena and Super Bell Subway. Coincidentally, all three are DLC courses.
  • This is one of the four tracks in the Mario Kart series in which the item roulette sounds different, alongside Waluigi Pinball, Hyrule Circuit, and Urchin Underpass.
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