The Anige is a monster appearing in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He, like Dis Walney, is supposed to be an animation specialist.


The Anige is a dusty old computer-shaped robot. He has eight spheres orbiting his body. His head resembles an old fashioned television with a green screen and a single eye in the center. The rest of his body resembles a tabletop lamp, consisting of a long metal rod for a body and a golden base for a foot. His hands appear to float on their own. In his hands is a controller that allows the Anige to control his opponents. Like Dis Walney himself does, the Anige possesses a small moustache and a red beret.


The Anige is an old, yet cruel and manipulative monster appearing in the episode "Geek Anime! Fumu-tan of the Stars!". He poses as the famous animator Dis Walney and gets King Dedede and Kirby to fight against their will. The Anige is beaten at his own game when Kirby kills him with the Spark Copy Ability. Upon his defeat, the Anige self-destructs.


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