The Angry Sun is an enemy appearing in the Mario series.


Super Mario Bros. 3

The Angry Sun first appears in the Nintendo Entertainment System game, Super Mario Bros. 3.

The Angry Sun itself first appears in an unnamed desert level in World 2. There, from the start of the level, the Angry Sun appears in the air. This foe tries to swoop downwards in a U shape to try to burn or attack Mario himself and repeats the cycle continuously after failing to do so.

Another Angry Sun appears in World 8-2 inside of the heart located in the Dark Land.

The Angry Sun is able to be defeated with a Star, hammers from the Hammer Suit or even, strangely, a Koopa Shell. Like all the other Mario enemies, it can also be defeated when Mario completes the level.

Mario Kart DS

After a sixteen year hiatus of appearing in the newer Mario games, Mario Kart DS marks the second appearance of the Angry Sun itself. The Angry Sun appears significantly larger in Mario Kart DS.

The Angry Sun appears in the stage Desert Hills. Here, it circles around in the air while trying to release Fire Snakes at bypassing drivers. When the Angry Sun drops some fire downwards, the player must see the Angry Sun shaking, indicating that it is releasing Fire Snakes. The player must then try to drive around the Fire Snakes to avoid them.

Mario Kart Wii

The Sun reappears in DS Desert Hills. As Desert Hills is featured as a Retro Course in the game, the Angry Sun reappears in the course itself with identical behavior. It also retains its large appearance.

Mario Kart 7

While not physically appearing in the game, the Angry Sun makes a cameo in the course Shy Guy's Bazaar with its Super Mario Bros. 3 sprite seen on some of the rugs.


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