Andy is one of the protagonists in the Advance Wars series. In the first two games of the franchise, he was the main character, and was also a new member of Orange Star. During the beginning of the game, he is an inexperienced commander, though this makes way for the training session of the game, in which a more experienced commander teaches him, or rather you, how to perform simple tasks that are required to know during battle. Over the course of the game Andy will meet various new allies such as Max. He would later star in the game's sequel, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising.

While not a protagonist of Advance Wars: Dual Strike, the third game in the Advance Wars series, he was mentioned a few times by characters like Max, and was later on a playable character in hard mode. Andy has the special ability to repair all his units while in super co mode, A feature introduced in the Nintendo DS game.


Andy is notable as being one of the few characters who are capable of healing their units. His CO powers include Hyper Repair, which will restore two health points to all of the player's units, and the super CO power known as Hyper Upgrade, which increases every unit's health by five, enhances their power by 20% and gives them one more unit in which they can travel.

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