Andromeda is a character and protagonist in Conduit 2.

Andromeda was a warrior that fought with the Progenitors hundreds of years ago. Having been awakened from suspended animation by Michael Ford aboard Atlantis centuries later, she agrees to help him in the battle against John Adams.

Conduit 2


After acquiring the Destroyer Armor aboard Atlantis, Michael Ford finds Andromeda held in stasis. Prometheus says they will need her help in defeating Adams, so Ford awakens her with the All-Seeing Eye (ASE). Andromeda activates the conduit that will allow Ford to jump to Adams' last known location, which happens to be Washington, D.C. ("Atlantis")

Atlantis (part 2)

After confirming that Adams is killing the other Progenitors, Andromeda sends Ford out to reset Atlantis' power core so that she is able to reactivate the conduit. ("Atlantis")


When Ford returns from China, Andromeda instructs him to head to Siberia and warn Katarina. ("Siberia Crash")

Final Battle

Upon Ford's return to Atlantis, Andromeda informs him that John Adams has breached the ship. Adams then emerges from the conduit and Ford fights him.

When it appears that Adams has been beaten, he reveals his true Progenitor form. Ford then tackles him through the conduit, taking the fight to Agartha. ("Adams")

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