Andrew Oikonny is a villain character in the Star Fox series. He is Andross's nephew, and also carries on many of his uncles ambitions. He joined Star Wolf at one point, but left the group, to form his own alliance, one to finish what his uncle started.


Star Fox 2

Andrew was originally going to appear in the unreleased Star Fox 2. He look more like a lemur then a monkey though.

Star Fox 64

Andrew was one of the member of Star Wolf who fought the Star Fox team. In battle, Slippy was his favorite target. Depending on the choice made concerning the path taken, he may appear during the attack on Fichina, he may also appear defending the Bolse Defense Satellite or guarding Andross' base on Venom.

Star Fox Assault

During the events of Star Fox: Assault, Andrew quit Star Wolf and tried to avenge his uncle's death. Gathering the remains of Andross's fleet as well as a few thugs, Oikonny attempted a rebellion against the Cornerian army. However, his fleet was ambushed in the orbit of Fortuna . Oikonny immediately fled at the sight of the Star Fox team and retreated to the ground base on the planet. Unfortunately for him, Star Fox managed to track him down. However, Andrew's still had a trick in his still had a trick up his sleeves. His flaship transformed into a replica of his head with two hands. In battle, Oikonny attempted to punch and swat the Arwings. However, he was defeated and subsequently shot down by an Aparoid.

Star Fox Command

Andrew reappeared in Star Fox Command, piloting the Death Crab mech and was affiliated with the Anglar invaders. Prior to the invasion, Emperor Anglar heard that Andrew was the nephew of their creator and an ace pilot. He personally asked Andrew to join them and lead the invasion of Fichina. Andrew accepted and hired his old Star Wolf comrades to create chaos on Fichina. Eventually Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, and Lucy Hare confronted him, and destroyed the Death Crab. Andrew survived the destruction, and remained on Fichina no longer a threat to anyone. 


  • Unlike the other founding members of Star Wolf, Andrew didn't appear in the cancelled game Star Fox 2. A very similar character called Algi took his place.
  • In Star Fox: Assault, Andrew's first name is almost never used; rather, he's only referred as "Oikonny" by other characters. He's only referred as Andrew on two occasions, during a cutscene and by himself before the Aparoid boss destroys his ship.
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