The Amplified Amplifier is a treasure in Pikmin 2. It is found on the 7th sublevel of the Shower Room where it is held by a Ranging Bloyster. After it is brought to the Research Pod, The Ship uses it to create the Mega Tweeter, which increases the range of the captain's whistles drastically. It is the 194th treasure on the List of Pikmin 2 treasures. It is actually a loudspeaker from a stereo.


Captain Olimar's Journal

"Today, we searched a deep underground structure that was completely covered in tile! I have no idea what it was originally intended for, but I've decided to call it the Shower Room. Deep within, I clashed with a sleek bug that coughed up this conical curiosity."

Sales Pitch

"Your voice is weak. It does not carry. No one notices you. If this is true, then this item is for you! Starting today, you are a gym teacher! You will never be ignored again."

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