The amphituber family is a family in Pikmin, Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3, and Hey! Pikmin. The family include Yellow Wollywog, Wollywog, Wogpole, Young Yellow Wollywog, and Fiery Young Yellow Wollywog. This family is based on frogs. Their main attack is to jump to squish Pikmin. These enemies live in, or near water.

Wogpole/Amphicaris frodendum

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Wogpole Pikmin 3

Wogpoles are harmless enemies. In Pikmin they are found in The Forest of Hope and The Distant Spring. These are hard to kill, since they swim very fast. They do have low health however. In Pikmin 2 they found in Awakening Wood and Perplexing Pool and in caves. They can be chased onto land, resulting in them flopping around as if they were fish, this reduces their speed. In Pikmin 3 they are found in the Tropical Wilds, the Garden of Hope, and the Distant Tundra.

Young Yellow Wollywog/Amphicaris frodendum

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Young Yellow Wollywog are the intermediate stage between a wogpole and a Yellow Wollywog, they act just like the adult version, the major difference being that they can be killed in one hit.

Yellow Wollywog/Amphicaris frodendum

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Yellow wollywog Pikmin 3

Yellow Wollywogs are another frog based enemy in the Pikmin games. In Pikmin they are found only in The Distant Spring, and in Pikmin 2 the Perplexing Pool. In Pikmin 3, they are found in the Tropical Wilds and the Garden of Hope. It will try to squish pikmin when it see them.

Wollywog/Amphicaris albino

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'Wollywogs' are enemies based on frogs. They are grey and have red eyes, in Pikmin they are only found in The Forest Navel, because it is like a cave. In Pikmin 2 they only appear in caves. They will try to squish pikmin, being more aggressive than the yellow type.

Fiery Young Yellow Wollywog/Volcanus amphicaris frodendum

Fiery Young Wollywog

It act the same as the Young Yellow Wollywog the main difference being that the body of the Fiery Young Yellow Wollywog is on fire, making the use of Red Pikmin an obligation.

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