​Amiti ​is a playable character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. He is a Mercury Adept who is the prince of the dry kingdom of Ayuthay near Angara's southern coast.


Amiti was born to Veriti approximately 19 years before the setting of Dark Dawn. Veriti died soon after Amiti's birth, leaving Amiti as an orphan to be raised by his uncle, King Paithos. Paithos told Amiti, as well as the people of Ayuthay, that Veriti was a powerful adept who not only restored the Alchemy Well, but conceived him from her own power. As Amiti grew, he became very popular amongst the people of Ayuthay, and was described by some as their "golden child." At some point, he became close friends with Baghi of Passaj, and gave Baghi a Tree Flute, so that Baghi could enter Ayuthay's underground.

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