American Ninja Warrior Challenge is an action game released on the Nintendo Switch by GameMill Entertainment based on the TV show, American Ninja Warrior. The player can play the events with a customized character and design their own courses.


The main campaign of the game is to get the player character through the various events of the American Ninja Warrior to get to ultimate challenge of Mt. Midoriyama. There are two control styles; a simple and pro. Each obstacle uses different controls according to the body parts used.

The player can customize their character for a career mode. It starts by selecting from a list of names, occupations, hometowns and age. The players get a wide selection for choosing their character's features. The player character has stats which are arranged according to their chosen archetype. The competitor the player makes only has a career of 5 seasons with events leading to qualifiers and then nationals for the chance to clear Midoriyama. They can improve their stats by working out but, this costs one day. They can also train which improves the character's other abilities like Focus which lets the player recover from a bad input.


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