'Amelia is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. She is an orphan from the small Grado village, Silva, and is a young girl who is inexperienced in combat.


Amelia's motivation to join the Grado army stems from her broken childhood, where in her village Silva was attacked by bandits. Her father was killed in the raid and her mother, Melina, was kidnapped and presumed dead by Amelia. After this event, Amelia vowed to be the greatest soldier Grado will ever behold in order to protect her loved ones.

She first appears in her new residence, Serafew, where one of Eirika's companions or Eirika herself visits her house just as she leaves, finding a Torch that she had dropped in her rush to join the army. She is later seen in three possible locations:

- Carcino, where she joins a Grado military force assigned to capture Eirika;

- Hamill Canyon, where she appears as part of Grado's forces serving Aias,

- or in Fort Rigwald, where she defends Duessel from Gheb's ranting and is sent to the front lines to die as punishment.

At first, she is merely one of Grado's forces fooled by the propaganda declaring the siblings Eirika and Ephraim evil nobles of Renais, but when encountering them or the cavalier Franz, her opinion quickly changes and she defects to their side. She then aids Eirika and Ephraim in their journey; afterward, she settles down in either Grado (solo ending, where she helps reconstructing her homeland) or Renais (where she either marries Franz and serves in the military, or marries Ross and lives in Ide with him). It is also possible that she tries traveling Magvel with Duessel or Ewan.

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