Ambrella Inc.(JP) is a second party developer of Nintendo known for creating Pokémon spin-offs. They begun as a subsidiary of Marigul Management, and of the five branches, this and Noise were the only ones that made it out alive. Not much is known about the actual company.

Games released by Ambrella

Title Format Release Date
Hey You, Pikachu!N641998-12December 1998
My Pokémon RanchWiiWare2008-06June 2008
Pokémon ChannelGC2004-04April 2004
Pokémon Dash DS2005-03March 2005
Pokémon RumbleWiiWare2009-06June 2009
Pokémon Rumble Blast3DS2011-07July 2011
Pokémon Rumble UWii U2013-08-29August 2013
Pokémon Rumble World3DS2015-04-08April 2015
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