Amalda ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is an honorable general of Freege who is strongly opposed to the child hunting. She struggles to decide whether or not she should rebel against her superiors due to their connections with the Loptyrian Cult, which is behind the child hunting. Her greatest fear is being branded a traitor. She seems to have a low opinion of herself, as seen in her death quote, in which she refers to herself as a "blood-covered murderer" and says that the way in which she is dying is fitting for her. She also looks to Sleuf for guidance, and this ultimately leads her to join Leif's army.

She is first seen helping a village that is being attacked by bandits in Chapter 15, in which she is an allied NPC. If the player takes the Lunar route, she is seen again in Chapter 17, where she is an unrecruitable enemy leading a group of cavaliers against the player. She is also holding the Blaggi scroll at this time. She is not seen again until Chapter 19, in which she fights against Leif's army until Sleuf speaks to her and recruits her into Leif's army.

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