Alleyway is a video game for the Game Boy handheld unit. It was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo in 1989. It is a classic Breakout style game that requires the player to delete all of the blocks above, without allowing your ball to go below the paddle. The game, as it sounds, is similar to the famous arcade video game Breakout. On the box art, it is revealed that Mario, Nintendo's mascot, is actually within the paddle controlling it.



The goal of the game is that the player control the paddle to break all the remaining bricks in the playfield by using a ball to break the breakable bricks. When the player successfully breaks the breakable bricks; the player moves onto the next level. In the next level; there is the same level with the same brick places from the periouvs level, the main difference is there are 3 different types of gimmicks that make the levels challegening though using the same level.

  • Gimmick 1: Nothing at all. The bricks simply stay in place.
  • Gimmick 2: The rows of bricks move either left or right depending on the level the player is in.
  • Gimmick 3: The rows of bricks push down towards the paddle after a few bricks are destroyed. Additionally, the top of the screen will sometimes either reveal more bricks for the player to destroy with the same brick pattern; or the steel bricks the player cannot break.

Every fourth round the player goes into a Bonus level; the bonus level contains objects that came from the Mario series. Here's a list of bonus levels that contain objects releated to the Mario series.

Additionally in the bonus level, the ball can destroy the Bricks without bumping around the playfield; also there is a timer that contains 99 game seconds. If the player destroys all the Bricks before the timer runs out, the player gains bonus points. After the bonus level ends, the rounds repeats, but with a new set of bricks set.



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