Alien Crush Returns is a remake/sequel to Alien Crush released on the WiiWare service in 2008. Like the original, it is a pinball game with added 3D graphics and some motion controls.


The game is controlled with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk with motion controls that allows the player to tilt the table. Shaking too much causes the table to freeze because of a tilt error. The flippers are controlled with Z and BThis game also features "Action Balls", which are special pinballs with certain attributes and can be used repeatedly. The game starts the player with only a couple and the others are unlocked by accomplishing certain tasks like beating story mode on a certain difficulty. A meter in the top left indicates when they can be used.

The game features 3 different tables and a boss stage with the Arcade mode and Story mode. Arcade mode is just attempting to get the highest score while Story mode has the player go through the boards with certain goals to complete, mostly killing the aliens.


The game received additional stages and Action Balls as downloadable content as well as online multiplayer and an Insane Difficulty



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