Alexandra Roivas is the main character of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and is the first of many playable characters in the game. She is currently a student at the University of Washington where she is completing her graduate degree in number theory and abstract mathematics.

The story begins with Alex in bed having a dream. Suddenly her phone rings and wakes her up. Detective LeGrasse is on the other line; he informs her that her grandfather, Edward Roivas, had been murdered. Alexandra then takes off to her grandfather's mansion to identify the body. She sees something strange with the murder scene, but believing that the detective was not much use she decides to solve the mystery on her own. While she is at it she learns of the Tome of Darkness, and other secrets such as her grandfather's secret study.

The Tome of Darkness

The book is a historical account that has documented of previous people who came across the Tome and the war between humanity and the Darkness. The Tome is as well a source of magical power linked to a dying Ancient, who's called Mantorok.

When Alexandra begins to read the tome she finds herself re-living the experiences of the people she reads about. Alexandra is the final person, and the last hope to save humanity, to come across the Tome. She must use the power within the Tome to stop the Ancient who Pious Augustus has summoned forth and save humanity or else she'll perish like the others, and humanity will be ruined.

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