Alex is a character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation and that he had served as the main protagonist of the Street Fighter III sub-series. He is an American from New York who enters the third World Warrior tournament after its sponsor, Gill, seriously injures his best friend and father figure Tom.


Often crass and abrasive, Alex's boldness tends to land him in deep trouble; he is also prone to violent outbursts of extreme aggression, especially if the people he loves are threatened. He is also very straightforward and refuses to mince words, especially when it comes to his confidence in his abilities. At times, this desire to prove himself can overwhelm his common sense, leading to very dangerous situations that test the very limits of his fighting capabilities.

Despite this, Alex does have a softer side that he only shows to people he cares about (such as Tom and his daughter Patricia) and/or hold in high regard (like Ryu).

After defeating Gill during the events of Street Fighter III and 2nd Impact, Alex became slightly more humble and toned down his hard tongued insults in favor of actually evaluating his opponent and offering them advice when possible, excluding characters like Urien, Gill and sometimes Yun and Yang due to being evil, overly cocky or both in Urien's case.