Alex is a playable character in Dragalia Lost.


Alex is a young woman with short blonde hair and orange eyes. She wears a black hood with a white shirt, black pants, and black gloves and black boots.

In her Gala variant, she wears a white hood instead of a black hood which represents her ending her occupation as an assassin. She wears a sleeveless shirt and white pants and she wears knee length brown boots.

Official Description

An assassin dispatched by the Ilian Church to dispose of Elisanne. The cold-hearted Alex normally carries out missions with machine-like precision, but personal feelings may well get in the way of this one.

Official Description (Gala Alex)

With a new outfit, Alex has become Elisanne's personal guard. The white hood represents her leaving the assassin's life, and she swears a vow upon her blade to safeguard her friend and never lose heart, no matter what.

Official Description (Summer Alex)

Attired in airy aquatic apparel, Alex sets out for her first-ever vacation alongside her dear friend Elisanne. The sun shines at last on this girl once veiled in darkness, lighting the way for her to make irreplaceable summer memories.