Alec(JP) is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Alongside Naoise and Arden, he is one of the knights of Chalphy who accompany Sigurd in his war against Verdane. He is also the best friend of Naoise.


Unlike Naoise, Alec has a playful personality and can be rather teasing, if not rude to his fellow knights. Despite this, he is just as loyal to Sigurd as the rest of his companions. He can also be very flirtatious towards women, as seen in his first conversation with Sylvia. Despite his admission that he likes to see beautiful women, he is devoted to his wife, as seen in his lover talk with Brigid in Chapter 5. He also shows worry for his wife's safety, such as in his lover talk with Sylvia in the same chapter.

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