Alan Averill was a longtime Nintendo Power writer and Nintendo of America employee. He started out in the business writing for Nintendo Power, where he was represented as a Slime from Dragon Quest due to being camera shy. In 2004 he left the magazine and headed to Nintendo of America to localize video games, starting with Mario Party 7 for the GameCube. He eventually made his triumphant return to Nintendo Power once more as a contributing writer in the November issue (Nintendo Power V234). In Nintendo Power V235 he managed to write the cover story, which was based on Animal Crossing: City Folk, where he even got to interview some of the people he worked with while at Nintendo of America, where they described the grueling process of localizing a video game, especially one like City Folk which contains thousands of pages of Japanese text.

After City Folk, Alan left Nintendo and proceeded to work on his own things like writing a book. He still works in the localization business with the company 8-4, Ltd.

Game Works

The following are a list of video games Alan is credited for. Most of them are localization.

Many of the games he's worked on are commended for their writing, such as Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Chibi-Robo!, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Hotel Dusk.

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