Akari Hayami is a character from the 1080º series. She also appears in Wave Race: Blue Storm. She is Ryota Hayami's sister. She is from Kobe, Japan.


1080° Snowboarding

Akari is new to the sport, but a hard worker. Her technique and jumping ability could make her a valuable asset to the team.

1080° Avalanche

Akari has a friendly and outspoken energy. She's likely to appreciate other people's success and support them. Because she's small, she tends to get upset when people are rough with her on the slopes or elsewhere. She has been known to show-up Ricky in the Half-Pipe competition, even though he denies it. Akari's musical preference bends towards pop radio hits, although every now and then you can hear some Ricky-inspired punk coming from her stereo. She has feelings for Ricky but is too shy to admit it.

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