Aishe is a character from Dragon Quest VII. She is a member of the Roamer tribe.


Aishe is quite the forceful person. Whatever she decides to do, she does with no regards to the consequences. Many of the tribe find it hard to tell her what to do or what she should do. In fact, during her initiation as the tribe's lead dancer, she walked out from the tent where the initiation was taking place, upset with the way the chief was playing the torban. During this, no one was able to stop her for fear of her swordsmanship. She finds that she is restless with the way of the Roamer Tribe. She wants to go and find new adventures.

However, this isn't to say that she is a brat. On the contrary, she is very dedicated to reviving the Almighty. Her reason for joining the party, first and foremost is to find a person to play the legendary Torban of Truth.

Aishe is a very principled person, often refusing to compromise on her morals. She is quick to show compassion for troubled people around the world. She is very proud of her Roamer heritage and culture, and can become angry when she feels her people are being disrespected. She is mostly calm and patient, despite her hot-headed side. She is equally proficient in both dance and swordsmanship.

She shares an unusually strong bond with Princess Lisette, stating that she sees her as a younger sister. King Donald also quickly develops an affinity for Aishe, asking her to stay on in Estard as Lisette's tutor at the end of the game.

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