Airheart - Tales of Broken Wings is a top-down shooter game for the Nintendo Switch developed and published by Blindflug Studios. It is a dieselpunk airplane game with the main character seeking to reach the stratosphere


The player controls a small plane in a top-down perspective. In each sky layer, the player can hunt for skyfish and shoot down pirates. He player also has a harpoon that can be used to detach armor or grab fish. Once the pirates have been defeated, the player can ascend to the next skylayer. The player can return to the main base at any time to sell the materials they collected. If the player loses all their health, they come cashing down and loses the materials.

At the main base, the player can customize their plane in the hangar, craft weapons and such at the workbench with scrap, or buy weapons and parts at the shop.


Amelia is a young pilot who dreams of reaching the stratosphere and catching the legendary Skywhale.


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