Air Hockey-e is an e-Reader video game released in 2002 by Nintendo. The game was free of charge and was available at a few retailers exclusively in America and Australia. The Australian version had more enhancements than the American one and, instead of being released at retailers, came packed in with the -e-Reader unit, meaning everyone who purchased an e-Reader in Australia also got the Air Hockey-e video game. Air Hockey-e only contained one card.


Air-Hockey-e is a simple game of Air Hockey. You'll control the paddle at the bottom of the table, while the computer will control the paddle at the top. There is a line in the middle that divides the two players' sides, and each player can move their paddle anywhere except over the line. The player can execute a power shot using the A button that will cause their paddle to move faster, thus hitting the puck harder. The first player to acquire ten points will win the game.

Many people have complained that the game is too hard to complete. Even IGN's professional experts weren't able to beat the game, which should take around ten minutes to do so. Nothing specially exciting happens when you win, just the word "Clear" appears in the same font as the "Game Over" text accompanied by a little jingle. Despite clearing the game or receiving a Game Over, options are given to either start a new game or exit to the e-Reader menu.


The game wasn't particularly well received, though most critics praised the game for it's addictive qualities and the fact that it came packaged with the e-Reader for free. IGN gave the game a six out of ten saying that while it's not a classic, it does show the versatility of the e-Reader. They also mentioned in the review that they initially didn't even plan to review the game because of how small it is.

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